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Government tackles Central Administration Building mold

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Numerous complaints brought forth over several years by government employees working in the Central Administration Building were addressed this week by government officials, who attempted to clear the air about the dangerously high mould concentration in the building. Numerous employees reportedly have suffered from mild to serious health problems directly related to a high concentration of mould in the air. Since the mould was discovered, some people could not even come to the building. Some departments have had to look for other places for their employees to work, said Premier Ralph Neal, whose office is located on the third floor of the west atrium in the complex.

Because the issue has brought a lot of heartaches and headaches to employees; the premier signed off on an almost $2 million contract to properly seal the roofs of the structures, so that moisture would not facilitate the growth of the hazardous fungi that is being circulated through air vents throughout the complex. In a press conference in the premier office Monday, Mr. Neal and Gary Penn, deputy permanent secretary of the Ministry of Communications and Works, signed a $1.9 million contract with Gerald Roy of Roy Construction, Incorporated, to seal the building leaky roofs.

Controversy over the leaky roofs dates back to 1993, when government officials refused to open the complex, citing unfinished structural work on the building. At the time, the complex project manager, Bennet Smith, publicly stated that problems with the roof were among ;minor items that needed to be addressed before the building was opened. But the building would open without the roof repair, and 16 years would pass before the issue is finally being addressed.

The Roof Replacement Project, as coined by the Communications and Works Ministry, is the first major action taken to address the issue since employees began to come forward with health complaints around 2001, said Shaina Smith, president of the Civil Service Association. The only thing that would come close, but isn't as major, is the replacement of a chiller,; Ms. Smith said of the single air conditioning unit that was replaced recently. But fixing the leaks is only the first part of addressing the problem, Mr. Penn said, adding that a larger plan called the Air Quality Improvement Project exists to look at the need to replace the ventilation and air conditioning units in the complex. However, officials at the press conference declined to comment about any future plans to rid the building of the existing mould problem. The contract, which was initially open for public tender, signified the culmination of a long, arduous road that has been going on and on practically without end,; the deputy PS said of the ongoing problems that have forced some employees to relocate and be treated for related illnesses.

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